2009 Annual Meeting Notes

ANNUAL MEETING:    SAT, SEPTEMBER 12TH,2009             10:03AM

1. Rena called the meeting toorder and welcomed everyone. There were 17 people present plus 7 boardmembers.  The Treasurer determineda quorum was present and business could be conducted according to the by-lawsof the Lake Association.

2. Rena explained theconstruction on the public boat landing will begin on Monday (9/14) and thelanding will be officially closed until Sept 26. Drawing of the project wasmade available to all attending. It may be possible to land a boat or load aboat during this construction period.

3. Parking on BFL Road. Noaction has been taken. Many options have been discussed. No parking on eitherside, install additional parking lots, etc.  Motion by Nancy F and Second by Ann S. not to adddevelop anadditional parking lot. This would over-load the lake and cause major problems.Motion passed 100%.  It was againnoted that this is a narrow road and parking off the road involved privateproperty. Again it was noted that parking on both sides causes a very dangeroussituation for everyone.

4. Jack Brunner read theminutes of June 13, 09 mtg. Minutes approved.

Matt Peters reported: As ofJune 13, balance was: $4667.64. Since then $869 in deposits. Plus Blue HeronDeposit $4,258.  Normal expenses:$204.40, plus Blue Heron expenses $658.15. Balance as of September 12th,2009 is $9296.98. Regarding $5,000 matching fund. Since we generated $3,599.85,plus a few other dollars, we are short of a full $5,000 in matching funds byabout $1200.50. Motion and 2nd to draw the difference fromAssociation to fulfill the $5000, if this is allowable. Therefore we qualifyfor full matching fund. On second thought this was modified to accept donationsfrom members up to Dec 1st in an attempt to generate $1200.50. Thendraw balance from association. This was a motion, seconded and approved 100%.

5. Matt Peters reported onSecchi Dish readings. Our Trophic Index is 45; Transparency is 5, andChlorophyll is at 4. All this basically means: water clarity is almostcertainly improving with an estimated increase of 2.3 ft per decade. Rain on9/11/09 ranged from 1.6 to 1.3. 19.5 inches of rain thus far in 2009.

6. Report from Nancy Fandel:Fund Raiser committee: Committee happy with the outcome and thankful to all whoparticipated. They have thoughts on a logo for shirts, Need additional peoplefor the committee, publish a cookbook, use fund raising to apply to publiclanding to control zebra mussels; think that dues should increase; Yearlymeetings now scheduled for 2nd Friday of June and Sept should changeto some date in August, before people return to their winter homes, and finallythey would appreciated a updated list of owners. {Matt Peters addressed thisissue and everyone appreciates the super job he does to keep the list ascurrent as possible.}

7. UPDATES: by Rena Weber

a.Alexander development: 21-lot project including the Daniel’s property.  11 wet lands being eliminated with a 4– 1 replacement on sight. Family has made major adjustments in this longprocess.  The family and variousagencies have accepted our suggestions with kindness. Property descriptions ofthese lots will include language to insure preservation of Berms and wetlands.  Their own association will supervisecompliance. Development people will build the roads according to Co specs, sothat some day, the property county authority can take ownership.

b.Loon Nests by Jim Sands: 4 chicks made it to adulthood. They will fly south andreturn in two to three years. Loon platforms will be reflectors and StateNumbers. No 1 danger to our loons is speedboats.  Nests may need covers to keep eagles at a distance.

c.Web Site: We started the Web site in 2005. Today the question is who hasownership and who can put content on site. Linda D. is the board contact. MarySchramel was the original board content. Jim will meet with the people involvedto resolve this issue.

8. DUES: Long Discussion: wehave 187 owners and 79 association members. Eventually a motion was made andseconded to raise dues to $25.00 yearly with no senior discount, beginning Jan1, 2010. Motion passed 100%.

9. Thanks to Peter Fandel forpublishing the newsletter all these many years.  We now need a replacement.  Who is willing to accept this challenge?

10 Water Testing: By BillSchnetter: St. Cloud does not have this class. They would charge about $8,000to do this work. We are looking at St. John’s Univ if they would be interested.We have to determine what data the lake people are looking for and for whatpurpose. Or we can purchase some of this equipment and do our own testing.  Culvert on Bill’s property is normallypartially blocked. Today it seems totally blocked.

11. General questionsregarding water level. Matt Reported that the DNR set the water level manyyears ago with cement dam that is well below the frost level. A few moreremarks about yearly meetings.

Time: 11:30 AM.  Rena Weber declared meeting adjourned.                Minutesby Jack H. Brunner