2009 Board Meeting Notes


5:00 PM  Home of Jim Sand, Big Fish Lake

Meeting called to order by President Rena Weber at 5:03 PM.

Board Members present: Rena Weber – President; Jim Sand  VP, Jack Burnner  Sec’t, Matt Peters – Treasurer, Bill Schnetter.

Absent: Mark Backes, Linda DesJardin, Byron Bjorklund, Peter Fandel  Past President.


1. Application for a 501.3.c Status for our Association.  Motion by Jim S. To authorize 501.3.c status for BFL Association.  Paul Steil will pursue this application after Jan 1, 2010. Second by Matt P.  Vote: 100% approved.

2.  Healthy Lakes and Rivers Program: Scheduled for St. Cloud on Feb 22 and March 8.  4:30 PM to 9:00 PM.  This is a training session to assist implementation of Lake Improvement Plans. We will send four people to this training session.  Further information will be forth-coming.

3. The Association budget for 2010  was worked out as follows:

a. Postage for Newsletters (200 x $.44 x 3 Newsletters)               $264.00

b. Printing Newsletters (200 x $51.40 x 3 Newsletters)                 $155.00

c. Website Domain/Webmaster                                                  $400.00

d. E-mail Service                                                                      $140.00

e. Water Quality Testing                                                            $800.00

f. “Minnesota Waters” dues                                                        $150.00

g. Board Training/Conferences                                                   $300.00

h. President Discretion Fund                                                       $250.00

i.  Fund Raising Start-up                                                            $200.00

j. Membership Materials                                                             $300.00

k. Annual Meetings (Bldg rent/coffee/cookies  2 years)                 $200.00

l.  Loon Nest Upkeep and upgrades                                               $50.00

m. Misc Expenses                                                                      $291.00

o. TOTAL EXPENSE                                                                 $3,500.00


Current Balance (After $5,000 for matching IF Grant)  $4,176.53

Dedicated Water Quality Testing                                     $400.00

2010 Dues (80 Lake Owners x $25.00 dues)                 $2,000.00

TOTAL INCOME                                                                 $6,576.53

LESS 2010 EXPENSES                                                             $3,500.00

PROJECTED BALANCE GOING INTO 2011                                  $3,076.53

MOTION: by Jim S. to accept this revision of the 2010 budget. 2nd by Matt P.

Motion Passed 100% approval.


MOTION:To seek Initiative Foundation Grant for the following three applications: Crop land conservation, Curley Pond Weed Project, and Group projects involving three adjacent property owners or more. By Bill S, 2nd by Matt P. 100% approved.

(NB: the current (2005) Curley Pond Weed Map of the lake must be up dated.  This map shows 2 – 3 acres of the weed.)

Meeting ended at 6:27 PM.

Minutes by Jack H. Brunner


Meeting called to order byPresident Rena Weber at 10:10 AM.

Board members present: RenaWeber, VP Jim Sand, Jack Brunner-Sect, Matt Peters, Bill Schnetter, MarkBackes, Linda DesJardin and Peter Fandel, Past President.

ABSENT: Byron Bjorklund

1. AGENDA approved with thefollowing additions: Development Budget, E Mail marketing, grants, approval ofminor spending without prior board approval.

2. MINUTES: of Oct 24th,Kay’s Kitchen location. Approved 100%


A.WEB SITE: BFL Association is a member of Minnesota Waters. Cost $100. Their Webmaser is reviewing how to transfer our web page to their site. Linda  figures we can follow the example ofother lake associations (White Fish Chain for example) for $500 or less.  Motion made, 2nd andapproved.

Inorder to bring all this up-to-date a motion was made to pay the fees necessaryto be a operating web site. Approved 100% Clarification: Board is in agreementthat a small expenditure not to exceed $250.00 can be approved by the President,but anything larger would need board approval. Clarification: BFL News.com willbe directed to th new web site. We own the BFL News web site.

Approveda bill of $32.41 for Web Site registration. Motion Passed 100%.

B:NEWS LETTER: Linda reported that we can send 500 at cost of $15.00, and includeall owners within 600 ft of the lake. Suggestion: Send a letter to everyonewith a postage paide return postcard asking for everyone’s E mail. To includethe next news letter. Next news letter is scheduled before the Spring meeting.A year long permit would cost $153.00. Approved 100%

1. RENA: Grant requests will wait until January. The DNR is getting a  up-dated vegetation map. The boat housepermit has been looked into and is basically being done well.

2. JIM: Working with areafarmers on clean water run off. Will work with Don Hickmann to we can help thefarmers work this out fairly. This is a complex issue, but can be worked out.The discussion is being worked on aggress ively. Regarding our Trust Fund: Onlythe interest can be used. This should be verified by calling the CommunityFoundation. Will be done.

Jim has the new loon sign.Discussion on type of post to be used. Rena will check with Scott Schroeder,the person in charge of the park trails, where we can put the sign, etc. Motionmade that we should put the license numbers on our loon nests along withreflective material. Approved by 100%.

3. BILL: reported on acompany that does water testing. Cost could be as high as $240 a site  per year, but they would train us onhow to take samples. Long discussion: many thoughts. Mark said he and hisfriends would donate $400 to this cause to keep this water testing movingahead.  Will look into variouscompanies and we thank Mark for being so generous. Note: in order to be 503approved we could maybe work with Minnesota Waters. Will be looked into

4. MATT: AttendedCollegeville Township meeting. Talked about our petition to post no parkingsigns on BFL Road by the Boat Landing. This road is 32 ft wide, with 24 ftpaved. Township says we need 100% approval in writing by all land owners topost signs. We will continue to research this item. “Lake Restoration” send aNov 5, 09 letter explaining how they would control curly leaf pondweed. We haveabout 2.5 acres of this weed. Some board members are not comfortable about the use of all this chemical. Lindapointed out that there are grants available for this sort of thing. Will beresearched. There are grants for run off projects, clean water projects.

Fund raising will continuenext summer. There will be a july 4th parade. Suggestion was madethat we sponsor a lake gathering of water craft owners with names displayed.Sounds good.

Finally: The  Fund Raising committee will accept adsfor the news letter. A future report will define this idea.

5. GENERAL: Committee touredthe stand pipe: General conclusion: it does not do much.

Someone discovered it was nownoon.  Motion made to adjourn.Everyone agreed. 100%

Noon: November 28, 2009                     ByFr. Jack H. Brunner


Meeting called to order byPresident Rena Weber at 6:30 PM at her home on BFL.

Board members present: RenaWeber, VP Jim Sand, Jack Brunner-Sect, Matt Peters.

ABSENT; Bill Schnetter, ByronBjorklund, Mark Backes, Linda (Eich) DesJardin. Pete Fandel, Past Pres.,

1. Rena welcomed everyone.The group determined a quorum of the committee was present.

2. Aug 20, 09, 7 pm publicmeeting with Environmental Services Dept at Admin. Center Room 343. Jim Sandswill send a letter questioning moving back to 21 lots; questioning howhomeowners will monitor the preservation of wet lands; questioning how the Co.surveyor questioned the safety issue of roads that are not exit orientated andthe fact that berm should be preserved. All committee members should attend.

3. Our Lake Fund Raiser isscheduled for Aug 27th. Committee is praised for their hard work.All property owners should plan to attend with family and friends.

4. Web site is moving alongwell.  Some small difficulties havebeen resolved easily.

5. Public accessremodeling.  Bids are beingprocessed.  Pontoon owners will benotified in time to take pontoons off the lake before construction begins.

6. Collegeville township hasput up signs prohibiting parking along BFL Road. When a parked vehicle in theparking lot leaves, another watercraft can then be launched.

7. Next news letter must bemailed in advance of August 27th Fund Raiser

8. This summer we had twosets of loon twins hatched and now matured. We will need to get our loon nestsregistered for next year.  Thereare eagles on the lake, but they are feeding on fresh fish and do not seem tobe bothering the loons in any way. Eagles are not nesting on our lake.

9. Bill Schnetter project: isbeing worked on.  More expensivethan planned. The following is the original estimate of costs: Total $4,180Plus lawn restoration. Volunteer labor can handle 25% of the cost most easily.

10. Lake Dues: will have toinvestigate an increase if we want to accomplish our association projects. Jimwill research the dues from various lake associations and list our lake needsso people will understand the need for increase funds.

11. West Central Sanitationhas offered the lake association a small reward for new customers.  There are 3 other sanitation companieson the lake at present. It would be nice if the township assigned sanitation toa single company.  The associationwill not recommend one over another.

12.  Dues are now $15.00. We have 185 property owners and 80 paidmembers. Association has $5,238.48 on hand in interest free account.

13. Next Meeting on Sept 12,09. Collegeville Hall.  Meetingended at 7:34 PM.

Minutes by Jack H. Brunner