2014 Board Meeting Notes

Big Fish Lake Association Board Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2014
Taken and submitted by Joe Fox.

Board members present – Jim Sand, Joe Fox, Matt Peters, Bill Schnettler, Kit Ferber, Allen Schmitz, Tom Schnettler, Byron Bjorklund

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by president Jim Sand. No minutes from the last meeting were available so approval of the minutes was postponed to a future meeting.

Review of the current membership drive – 118 properties have paid at least $35 for 2015 dues. The membership committee also received three comments, one anonymous and two signed. Jim will send out an e-mail with a summary of the drive to all property owners for which he has an e-mail address and a summary will also appear in the annual newsletter to be sent out early in 2015.

Kit reported we cannot put a donation box at the public landing. No one has volunteered to chair the fundraising committee so Kit has volunteered to chair the committee with Patti Delano’s help. Kit said she has heard from property owners that they feel they’ve heard enough from the Big Fish Lake Association about funds so she isn’t going to do any fund raising at this time.

With dues, donations, carry-over funds from this year and interest we could fully fund a proposed 2015 budget of $25,000. The board will look at the annual budget again in January, 2015.

Tom suggested contacting service organizations with pull-tab funds to see if they would be willing to provide us with a donation. He will provide Kit with a list for her to contact. Matt will contact Stearns Electric about their “round-up” funds as well. Tom’s wife Nadine is willing to help write grants with content help from Jim and Kit.

The township has agreed to pay for the grass that the alleyway study suggested be planted. The BFLA Board volunteered to do the planting.

Jim will attend the AIS summit at the St. Cloud Civic Center in January, 2015 as a Stearns County AIS committee member.

Jim asked board members to send him anything they want to see on the website and he’ll have it added. Bill suggested the newsletter be placed on the website.

Kit’s going to look into the costs of “Lake Association member” signs that members could put up on their property.

Tom’s going to look into fisheries to see if it makes sense to feed fingerlings into the lake.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m. with a motion by Matt, seconded by Allen.



April 5th, 2014 – Saturday

9:00 AM – Home of Jim Sand’s

Meeting called to order by President James Sand at 9:00 AM. At the home of Jim Sand.

Board Members present: Jim Sand, President, Jack Brunner, Sec’t. Matt Peters, Treasurer, Bill Schnettler , Allen Schmitz, Mike Fandel, Joe Fox and Rena Weber – Past President.

Full quorum present.


  1. Thanks was given to Matt P. for an outstanding job on the BFL news letter.

  2. The Cold Spring Record has published the public notice for the LID hearing, 4/8/14.

  3. A change is coming regarding lakeshore permits: From a review board to the Co Planning Commission and the country commissioners. No action by our board.

  4. Lake Assoc. Budget: We have $400 set aside for LID. Spent $60 so far. Regarding future activation of LID, should we give them a grant? Consider it premature at this time.

  5. Jim S signed a contract with Water Guard. We got a matching grant from DNR for $4,000 for boat inspections. We will match their grant.

  6. Web Site with MN Waters and Rivers. Cost $150.00. Motion to accept by Matt, 2nd by Allen. Passed by 100%.

  7. DNR: Kathy Metsken suggested we should include all landowners in our water shed. We prefer only lakeshore owners. This prevailed.

  8. Tues, April 8th, we have our public hearing for LID at the country offices. No formal objections are noted. One letter suggests that the fee structure should be based on evaluation. We prefer an even cost to all landowners. The county has a 30 day waiting period before making a decision. DNR is holding up Crow Wing LID as an ideal process. If LID does not go through, we must determine why? And determine 2nd course of action.

  9. Role of the Lake Association with LID: our area of concern remains the same. We will work hand-in-hand with LID who will be concerned with invasive species primarily, going as far as the dollars will take them.

  10. Alexander property will be actively advertised this spring. The average price is $400,000. The roads on this property will be paved in spring when conditions are proper.

  11. If LID is established our next meeting will be on the same day as LID If no LID, we will have our meeting on the 2nd weekend of June. .

  12. At 10:05 Motion by Matt to adjourn, 2nd by Bill. Passed 100%

Minutes by Fr. Jack Brunner


January 11th, 2014 – Saturday

Meeting called to order by Pres. Jim Sand. Members present, Allen S, Mike F, Matt P and Jim S. Guest Doug Ademek

Pres. Sand reviewed the status of our Lake Improvement District efforts and members present volunteered to contact individuals who additional signatures will be required. All petitions should be returned to Pres. Sand within the next 2 weeks.

Motion made by Allen and seconded by Mike to approve the 2013 year end budget as presented by Treas. Matt P. Motion carried.

Discussion on the development of the 2014 budget took place. A total annual budget of $1,965.00 was drafted. A look at dedicated funds needed for the 2014 boat inspection costs were determined to be $9,000.00 and carry over from the Visioning Grant was $458.18. Dues and membership mailings will take place as part of the newsletter this year. Hosting a Fund Raiser will be determined by the board once the status of our LID is finalized. Motion to approve 2014 Budget and Dedicated Funds as developed made by Mike F, seconded by Allen S Motion passed. Matt will email update budget to all board members.

Recognition of a $500.00 donation to BFLA Conservancy Fund in the memory of Loretta Kunkel was presented by Pres. Sand.

Information on Stearns County Shoreland Training was presented, January 30, 2014 is the date of the training

Information on Avon Hills Initiative “Living In the Avon Hills” February 1, 2014 was also presented.

Motion to adjourn by Mike F, seconded by Allen S Passed.

6:03 PM – Home of Jim Sands

Meeting called to order by President James Sand at 6:30 PM. At the home of Jim Sand.
Board Members present: Jim Sand, President, Jack Brunner, Sec’t. Bill Schnettler, Allen Schmitz, Joe Fox, Kit Ferber, Doug Adamak, Matt Peters, Treas.

AGENDA: Meeting began at 6:30 AM. Jim Sand called meeting to order.
1. Minutes from the meeting of April 14th, 2015 were approved as mailed.
2. 2015 Budget $2,365.00. $958,87 remaining. Pending a $250 mailing bill.
3. Northern rearing pond trench. About 6 ft long, 6” wide. On DNR Land. They will do nothing, but we can and will fill it in. Motion made by Matt, 2nd by Joe, to fill in trench. Passed 100%. The association will attempt to talk to the owners in the area about the association concerns.
4. Water testing. 2nd test is in the mail. 7/22/15 test is at 40, meaning a very clean clear lake. Lower the number the clearer the lake.
5. Seechi Dish: as of 6/5/15 at 17 ‘. As of 8/15/15 at 14 ft. – data by Matt P. Billl’s readings ranged from 14’ to 11’
6. Vegetation report: “Wild Celery” on the lake. Clear water and sun equals weed growth. Matter of nature. Some people still complain about weeds.
7. Fishery report: None. Should we have a fishing contest to eliminate small hammer handles? Open question.
8. Building report: Lake association does not get involved in this process unless there is an attempt to build on any wetland area.
9. County AIS report by Kit: $15,100 from the county. Next year could be as low as $5,000 since more applicants will be involved. There are vegetation issues at Koronis, Clearwater and Little Watab. County is looking into getting a portable decontamination unit.
10. Boat Inspection: Awarded $15,100, Co withheld $3,000. Cost of Water Guard to-date: $12,784. We have #7,500 in this account to-date. For 2016: 139 days X 10 hours x $18 per hour cost is $25,020. For 1390 hours. Therefore our goal is $25,020.
11. Membership: Kit: 134 members out of a total of 224. 2015 = $15,035.00. 2016: mail: Brochure on watercraft care; membership levels at $60, $75, $100, $250, $500 Plus. Membership mailing – all printing & stuffing donated. Postage About $160.00. Mail membership to Kit, and she reports to Matt.
Total mailing cost should be under $350.00. Mailed in October 2015. Motion to accept levels of membership. By Jim/2nd Bill, passed 100%.
12. Discussion concerning advertisers to our publication. Good discussions. No
Definite answers.
13. General discussion on a variety of topics.

Minutes by Fr. Jack Brunner