2016 Annual Meeting Notes


JUNE 11, 2016 – Saturday

8:30 AM – Annual Meeting – Collegeville Township Hall

Meeting called to order by President James Sand at 10:30 AM. Collegeville Township Hall.

Board Members present: Jim Sand, President, and Jack Brunner Sec’t. Matt Peters, Treasurer, Allen Schmitz, Bill Schnettler, Tom Schnettler, Kit Ferber. Joe Fox, Doug Adamak

  1. Jim Sand convened the annual BFLA meeting at 8:30 AM with quorum present. 132 members, 29 present; needed 23. Approximately 25% of our membership was present.
  2. Minutes of our 2015 Annual meeting were in the hands of all members present.       Approved. 100%
  3. Financial Report by Matt P.: Annual Budget sat at $2,385.00. $1,768.15 Spent to date. On Track.

2016 Dues + Donations: : $17,181. Boat Inspections $12,000 budget: $8,280 left. On track. Conservancy Fund – $51,055.20.. Non-dedicated funds remaining – $23,726.94.

  1. Election of Board members: Elected: Joel Meyer; Bill Unger, Kit Ferber, Jim Sand. 100%
  2. Election of Officers: Kit Ferber President; Joe Fox Vice P., Jack Brunner Secretary, Matt Peters Treasurer,, Jim Sand – Past President:       Approved 100%.
  3. Membership (Kit); 132 members. About 50% of our potential. Ads in our newsletter is a good thing. Encourage non-members of join up.
  4. Fisheries: A new sign on the landing reminding people to keep all small Northern Pike.. Do not put them back in the lake. The DNR stocks the lake with walleyes every two years. We have too many small pike in the lake. (BY Jim S.)
  5. Vegetation (Matt): Curley Leaf Pond the only invasive species in our lake. Small amounts. No major concern. Water clarity is good (Normal).
  6. Loon Update: 7 loons on the lake. Kit and family put the nests out: Location: Sandbar: Pair still nesting. Alex point: No activity. Danielson Bay: had a pair nesting. Suggestion from the floor: put buoys around the nest areas to remind people to stay away. Need permission from the DNR. This is hard to get. Will research this option.
  7. Newsletter ads. Cost: $75.00 per year. We are open to more ads.
  8. Boat Inspections: Water Guard did it last year. LAMB this year. This is the best method to use to keep our lake clean. Very few rejections. Short discussion was held on which are the best times of the day/week to do these inspections. Many different points of view.
  9. Jim Sand thanked everyone for their cooperation during his term as chair person.
  10. Adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Minutes by Jack H. Brunner.