2017 Annual Meeting Notes

Big Fish Lake Association

Annual Meeting

8:30 am – Collegeville Township Hall


Meeting called to order by President Kit Ferber.  Board members present:  Jim Sand, Past President; Jack Brunner, Secretary; Matt Peters, Treasurer; Allen Schmitz, Joe Fox, Doug Adamek, Bill Unger and Joel Meyer.

  1. Meeting called to order by Kit.  Note:  electricity was out in a multi-township area.  Without the power the guest speaker, Kevin Farnum from Lake Koronis, gave his presentation on Starry Stonewort without a power point.  It was a meaningful presentation and well-done.  His outline centered on three points:  1) stop the spread of this species, 2) be diligent in boat inspections, and 3) have a solid, practical management plan.
  2. At the 9:23 am, the presentation ended and President Ferber announced a legal quorum was present and the meeting would proceed.
  3.  Minutes of the 2016 annual meeting were approved by a vote of 100%.
  4.  Paul Steil reviewed all changes in the updated by-laws.  Discussion was held on the meaning of the word ‘Audit’.  That being settled, Paul asked for a show of hands disapproval.  Being none, the motions was made to approve all changes ~ 100%.
  5.  Matt Peters was called upon to give the annual financial report.  The present budget has spent $1,317.77 with a $1,007.23 remaining balance. Bank balance as of 6/7/17 was $26,607.80.  Conservancy Fund was at $53, 408.56.  The boat inspection budget so far has spent $12,411.00 with $12,805.00 remaining.  At 9:52 am the electricity came back on.  Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet who used to have a retreat home on the lake donated $5,000 to our association.  Motion to put this money in a reserve to use towards an AIS “war chest” was passed by 100%.
  6.  Kit reminded everyone that anything coming into the lake and going out of the lake should be inspected for zebra mussels as well as the Starry Stonewort.
  7.  Loon nests: We have 5 adults and two sets of twins for a total of nine loons.
  8.  Election of new Board members:  Mark Backus, Nina Steil and Chris Wenner were nominated and a motion was made to approve these three candidates who will serve at least a two year term.  It was seconded and 100% approved. Thank you to Father Jack and Joe Fox for your past service.
  9. New Business:  discussion was had regarding the feasibility of a Volunteer Water Patrol.  People saw this as both a good idea and a dangerous liability idea, per Paul Steil.  Conclusion:  this must be studied very carefully before moving ahead.  An informed association membership regarding rules and regulations of boating, inspections and basic courtesy could be a better idea.
  10.  At 10:38 pm Kit Ferber adjourned the meeting, thanking everyone for being present.

Written by Jack H. Brunner