2010 Annual Meeting Notes

2010 Fall Annual Meeting

September 18, 2010

Meeting called to order by President James Sand at 10:03 AM. Collegeville Township Hall.

Board Members present: Jim Sand, President, Jack Brunner Sec’t. Matt Peters, Treasurer, Allen Schmitz, Bill Schnettler, Rena Weber –  Past President;

Excused: Neil Fandel, Mark Backes,  Bryan Bjorkland,

1. President Jim Sand welcomed everyone and invited people to  share in the coffee and eats.

2. Quorum was established.  66 members, 20% is quorum.  20 people in attendance.

3. Financial report was given by Matt P. $8,237.88 on hand. A two page outline of expenses and income was distributed and discussed. Motion to approve, was 2nd and 100% approved.

4. Secci Report was given South side of BFL has had 28.1 inches of rain to date.

5. By Laws and Articles: Reviewed and approved, 2nd and 100% approved.  Paul Steil was thanked for his work in getting these documents up to date.

6. DNR representative Mr. Neumann gave a interesting one hour presentation on the health of BFL. DNR has been screening the lake.  Walleye counts are down form the last survey.  It’s thought the abundance of northern pike are eating the fingerlings and sunfish have been eating walleye fry.  This year DNR will try stocking larger fingerlings around 10 inches long.  Northerns have not improved over 2005. Will retest in 2015, if size doesn’t improve it’s likely the slot limit will be removed.  Oxygen level is good to 36 ft.  To stock muskies is expensive 10 inch muskies are $10 apiece. There is no milfoil in Stearns. County. This was a one hour meeting.   This year is the first time DNR seined for minnows in Big Fish Lake.  They caught some rare minnows that are only found in lakes with excellent water quality.

7. Membership and Dues: we have 184 prop owners.  We need 81% to maintain our budget. Presently 66  are members. Dues $25.00 per year.

8. Healthy Lakes and  Restoration Project: $5,000 grant. Will be used to restore Hammann property.

9. Schramel, Clarence: This set-aside project is in process and the ice ridge will be restored.

10. Visionary Session: Rena: Aquatic Veg. group will be working on a weed survey and how to clean boats. Bill S.: Water Quality group. Will focus on in-lets and northern rearing pond.

11. Water testing: Bill reported all is in process. Phos. Levels are down and the worse area is near the rearing pond.

12. Social Gathering: Was 100% successful in spite of poor weather. We need more of this thing. Need computer web site of inform and register new membership. Should we have a BFL Garage Sale?

Sold about 70 sweatshirts.

13. Shoreline Restoration: two land owners are interested. Mel and Lizz Stieve almost have their project approved.

14. 11:46 AM Adjourned.

Minutes by Jack H. Brunner