Big Fish Lake Fisheries

Big Fish Lake Regulation Review Meeting – presentation

Exp Reg comment sheet and explanation – Big Fish Lake – 2018

Fishery Update-6-13-15

Committee Members: Barb Lahr

Information About the Northern Pike

High catches of northern pike are bad for two reasons: 1) at high population levels the adult fish consist of mainly “hammerhandles”, fish les than two pounds; 2) the fish community is unbalanced and northern pike over-eat their prey which consists largely of yellow perch and small walleye.

The goal is to provide the chance to harvest small pike while at the same time improving densities fo medium to large size northern. We want to increase the average length to 24 inches.

It is anticipated that the fish community will reach a balance with larger individuals of all species suppressing surges in population growth and producing anglers with quality experiences.

Multiple benefits could be achieved it this regulation is successful: improved northern pike size structure, yellow perch more abundant, greater success of walleye stocking and improvement of panfish.

The slot limit will be as follows:

  1. Northern pike from 24 inches to 36 inches must be thrown back into the lake.
  2. Keeping within the limit for smaller northern pike, fishermen should take out all the small fish they catch. Don ‘t throw any back into the lake.