Join us in preserving our lake

Big Fish Lake Legacy Campaign

Protect our environment and keep our lake healthy by creating a legacy for future generations.

Being good stewards and protectors of the health of our lake should be our number one priority in this age of continued development on the shores and wetlands of Big Fish Lake. Upon finding Zebra Mussels in 2018, we must remain diligent in fighting this AIS and others that may come to this lake.

Even though we have Zebra Mussels, we have bigger threats in Starry Stonewort, also called the “lake killer”, and Eurasian Watermilfoil since it is now in our neighboring lakes. These plants have caused catastrophic damage, so we need to:

  • Have funds to deal immediately with these if or when they come to our lake
  • Survey the lake regularly
  • Continue to have the maximum amount of boat inspections
  • Perform water testing diligently

If we were to get either one of these AIS, we would need at least $100,000 to contain these plants and try to eradicate them! With close monitoring, we hope to catch these threats before they become a large, uncontrollable infestation.

By creating our own “emergency fund”, we can continue to have boat inspections as needed, survey the lake regularly, perform water testing and work with state and local agencies to stay informed of new ways to protect our lake.

The future values of our property investments along Big Fish Lake’s shoreline will depend on how well we meet the environmental challenges facing our lake.