2018 Annual Meeting Notes

Big Fish Lake Association Annual Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2018

Collegeville Township Hall


Meeting Called to Order at 8:31 a.m. by Pres. Kit Ferber

Absent Board members:  Doug A. & Nina S

Guest Speaker Greg Berg from Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District presented a slide presentation on the value of Shoreline Protection, Shoreline Restoration, Property Rain Gardens and Grant Funds available to establish those efforts.  His presentation included a number of examples that have taken place in our area and they included data on how much runoff had been eliminated by those projects.  He also had members complete a worksheet on their personal involvement in any projects regarding runoff and asked what we thought were barriers for folks not being involved more with these types of projects.  His current grant program runs through to 2019 and he is looking for willing lakeshore property owners.  His contact info is:  320-251-7800, ext 3 and the SWCD’s website is www.stearnscountyswcd.net

The Board will research into getting signage at the DNR boat landing regarding boats that produce large wakes and their effect on shorelines asking those boaters to stay in the middle of the lake or at least 500 feet from shore.

Allen S handed out worksheets for “Score Your Shore; doing this will give property owners a better picture of what their landscape is doing regarding water runoff.

Matt presented the Treasurer’s report and noted we will be using a new program for future reporting.  Motion by Jim S, seconded by Mark B – passed

Josh Hirschfield and Megan Johnson were elected as new board members with Joel Meyer and Jim Sand stepping down.  Other board members whose terms expired were also renewed.   Motion by Joe F, seconded by Nancy F to close nominations and vote on board member ballot as presented – passed

Kit gave a brief description of what is meant and involved with the Clean, Drain, Dry Program.

Jim updated membership on plans for DNR decontamination unit being at Big Fish Lake, (there are none) and that In Tune Motorsports does offer boat decontamination as a service paid for by the customer.

Dock Program as related to the Clean, Drain, Dry program:  Discussion on possible “Approved Vendor” list for those companies that offer the service of putting in and taking out docks, lifts and rafts.  Concern on vendors who use same equipment moving from one lake to another and the possible spread of any AIS.

Loon Update:  Matt reported the purchase of new loon nests and how nesting has gone to date.  As of this morning’s meeting we have one active nesting loon pair.

Membership Update:  Of the 186 properties we have 150 members or 81% are members.  This is the highest rate in our history of the association.  We also have 11 business partners who advertise in our BFLA newsletter and emails.

Water Quality:  Lake has been, ‘steady to improving’ since 2010 as measured for nutrients and phosphorus.  Water clarity measured 19 1/2 feet this Spring.

Fisheries:  DNR will be reviewing Big Fish Lakes slot limits on Northerns in the Fall of 2018 that were put in place in 2005.

Vegetation:  Last DNR vegetation survey was done in 2015 and they have no surveys scheduled at this time due to size of staff.  BFLA will look into hiring a company to do a current survey.

Reminder of the Social on Thursday August 16th, 5:30 p.m. at Hidden Cove Orchard

Meeting adjourned at 10:47.  Moved by Joe D., seconded by John D. Passed.

Minutes written by Jim Sand.