Did You Know #3

Did You Know? #3

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a program called: “Aquatic Plant Management Program.” The purpose of this program in part is to manage nuisance conditions without harming beneficial aquatic plants and the environment.

NO PERMIT REQUIRED to cut or pull submerged vegetation if

  • The cleared area does not extend more than 50 ft along the shoreline or more than half your frontage width, whichever is less. The area cannot exceed 2,500 sq ft.
  • The cleared area must remain in the same area year after year. All cut or pulled vegetation must be removed from the water.
  • Floating-leaf plants may be pulled or cut to create a 15 ft channel extending to open water. More extensive removal requires a permit and the removal area must remain the same year after year.


  • Remove more than 2,500 ft of submerged vegetation: or an area exceeding 50 ft along the shoreline or more than one half the owner’s frontage.
  • Apply herbicides or algaecides in public waters.
  • Remove floating-leaf plants from an area exceeding a 15 ft channel.
  • Move a bog of any size that is free floating or lodged.
  • Destroy any emergent plants in public waters
  • Transplant aquatic plants in public waters
  • Install or operate an automated plant control device (e.g.: a Cray Weed Roller).


  • Placing mats or plastic sheets or similar material on the bottom of public waters.
  • Destroy aquatic vegetation within posted fish spawning areas.
  • Destruction of aquatic plants at undeveloped shorelines
  • Control aquatic plants where vegetation does not interfere with swimming, boating or other aquatic recreational activity.

This information is not a complete list of regulations for aquatic plant management. For questions contact your DNR at Little Falls 320-616-2496. Or see http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/shorelandmgmt/apg/index.html .