Did You Know

Did You Know?

  1. The Land of 10,000 lakes has 11,842 lakes over 10 acres in size.
  2. Minnesota has 5,483 fishable lakes. This equals 3.8 million acres.
  3. The three largest lakes in Minnesota are:
    • Red Lake 290,000 acres
    • Mille Lacs Lake 133,000 acres
    • Leech Lake 109,000 acres
  4. Minnesota has four counties without a natural lake Rock, Olmsted, Mower and Pipestone.
  5. The most popular lake names are:
    1. Mud
    2. Long
    3. Rice
    4. Bass
    5. Round
  6. Minnesota has 208,000 miles of shore line. This is more shore line Than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.
  7. The Prime Tourist Counties in Minnesota are:
    1. Crow Wing
    2. Cass
    3. Aitken
    4. Itasca
    5. Hubbard
  8. In Minnesota there is one licensed boat for every six citizens.
  9. According to “Minnesota Lakes Association” 93% of all Minnesota residents” fish.
  10. Five percent of the surface of Minnesota is water.
  11. The annual sales at the Mall of America are about 650 million. The annual income at Target Center is about 30 Million. The fishermen in Minnesota spend over 1 billion yearly.
  12. In 2002 Minnesota harvested 35 million pounds of walleye. At $7.00 per pound, that equals $245,000,000.

Now you know some of the reasons why every citizen in Minnesota should be concerned about keeping our rivers and lakes clean and pure.