Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy

Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy

Every lakeshore owner has a septic system. It is vital that this system functions properly. If we want to keep our lakes clean and pollution free, our septic systems must function in a healthy manner. Some lakes are tied into municipal sewer systems. This is a very expensive solution to simple problem. In addition, it permits strangers to have their hand in the pocket of the lakeshore owner. Logic dictates that each owner of a septic system would scrupulously and faithfully without exception, keep their septic system working in perfect order. A good steward of the land and water would do everything possible to keep their septic system 100% in order.

Here are ten simple things to help keep your septic system 100%:

  1. Keep all toxic and hazardous chemicals out of the system.
  2. Keep all foreign solids (cat box litter, sanitary napkins, cigarette filters, paper towels, etc.) out of the system.
  3. Minimize dumping of fats and cooking oils down the drain.
  4. Be conservative in water usage. Space out laundry washing. Consider low-flush toilets and low-flow faucets. Fix all leaks promptly.
  5. Maintain adequate vegetation as cover over the drain field.
  6. Keep surface waters away from the tank and the drain field.
  7. Keep heavy vehicles and equipment off the drain field.
  8. Have the system inspected regularly by a professional septic system contractor. Big Fish Lake had all septic systems on the lake inspected in the summer of 2004. Systems not in compliance have been asked to make proper correction for the sake of the lake, which is loved by all.
  9. Keep maps and drawings of the system.
  10. Keep maintenance records.